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The Museum

If your curious about the strange Bugs Butterflies of the world, this is the place to visit, they’re all here. The Museum houses the largest collection of Rare and Bizarre Insects in Australia Stephen Lamond has spent the majority of his life working as a commercial collector in many parts of the world. The Museum was established to share the hidden secrets of the Insect World with those who have very little chance to meet these creatures in the wild. As the worlds Rainforests were rapidly being cleared the race was on to discover these unknown Treasures before they disappeared forever without ever being seen, now you can see them here.  For those who like the hands on approach there are Giant Cockroaches, Leaf and Stick Insects and the colourful Butterflies of the Daintree Rainforest. The Buildings and Cabinets have been designed and handcrafted by Stephen to showcase the beauty of the local timbers and enhance the magnificence of this unique collection Self guided interpretive tours-wheelchair accessible Guided group tours-20 minute educational experience Interactive live insect displays

-Breeding houses

-Rainforest creek and jungle tours

-Tropical Fruit tasting

Picnic & lunch sites amongst the rainforest and wildlife

Our Jungle gallery shop features locally made products including Local teas, t-shirts, magnets, silk scarves, postcards, books, locally made jams, locally made jewellery

Future-Coffee & tea shop in the process of being built


Daintree Entomological Museum.

 Phone: +07 40 989 045  Email: info@daintreemuseum.com.au